Desert Living-Good Health.

Desert Living-Good Health.


Growing up in Orange County, California the desert was an extended weekend get away to Palm Springs now and then. With easy access to the ocean, mountains and desert, we as “natives” sometimes seem nonchalant about the matter. I think we tend to forget JUST HOW LUCKY we are to have this easy access.

The California desert is the most peaceful, tranquil place to live. Nine months out of the year the desert landscape is the perfect post card to show off to tourists. Snow on the mountains, wild flowers, cactus, unusual desert animals and perfect “spot on” weather. To top it off, the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets in the world. Every tourist in awe! Hey, don’t get me wrong, June thru August “Lucifer the Devil” himself comes to town. Temperatures can vary from mid 90’s-120 degrees.

The desert has given back so much to me. A healthier and happier lifestyle. Desert living allows a person to decompress, slow down, enjoy life. Think about important items in life and “take note.” For example, is your health important to you? I know most people place more value and importance on “STUFF.” Their money,designer clothes, cars and house. Why don’t people place as much value on their own mental and physical health?

I grew up in the busy area of Orange County, California, where people are moving 100 miles a minute.  As an adult, I then high tailed to an even faster environment … Los Angeles. Whew, talk about even faster lifestyle with no time to breath! Leaving the BIG CITY life allowed me to slow down, enjoy life. Concentrate on my mind, spirit, body thru healthier living here in the SOCAL desert.

Try taking a sunrise or dusk walk, run or hike in the desert mountains-there is nothing more tranquil in my opinion. The desert community is an incredibly “pet friendly” community. There is absolutely no reason not to include your animals in a group walk or hike with your family. The Feldenkrais Method and Yoga are two very popular forms of exercise here in the desert. Both classes, I take part in and both classes have changed my life to make it healthier. Since moving to the desert in 2007, I continue to strive to become healthier, happier and mentally prepared to handle any challenges. The desert is my true friend-a healer.

The desert a life changing experience for everyone, if you let it. Desert Living-Good Health.

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  1. Posted by Sheila Clements on September 2, 2011 at 7:18 AM

    Did not know if you got from my Iphone. Is 1997 correct date?(so now I become your editor) lol


  2. Posted by Deb on September 4, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    I just emailed this to my parents who are actively looking for a retirement home. They need to check out this place as well, however my dad loves to play poker for entertainment.


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