Self-Doubt Friend or Foe?

Self-Doubt Friend or Foe? : By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Definition of Self-Doubt:

Lack of confidence in one’s identity,character,abilities and attitudes.

As I begin writing another chapter in my book, I think to myself. Will my self-doubt ever end? Will this annoying little friend named “self-doubt”ever give up and just take a permanent vacation? Everyone has this same annoying little friend “self-doubt.”  Kinda like a piece of gum stuck to your shoe, you just can’t shake it off. It’s a relationship you would like to see end.  As the French say, “Au-revoir!”  Goodbye, do not return. However, just not certain how to part ways with the friend of doom and gloom. It matters not, just how pretty you are or how smart you THINK you are, everyone carries “self-doubt”… baggage! True, some people may carry Louis Vuitton baggage!  Baggage is baggage.

Writing each chapter of my book, I become more and more confident.  My fears seem to dissipate of any possible failure. I’m really not sure of what type of failure I am so scared of -I guess the unknown. I hope and pray my little petulant friend “self-doubt” will one day surprise me. Without so much of an “Adios,” she is gone from my life … forever! Self-Doubt Friend or Foe? Time will tell.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Your amazing woman ! I would like to think mine is Louis Vuitton, it is brown but it tears so easy, darn it !

    Love ya !


  2. Oh how I could go WILD on the joke department. I shall hold my tongue! Back at ya.. I found writing about this topic strange, but I felt FREE after doing so… Perhaps my little friend will get the hint.


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