Exercise With Aging Parents or Grandparents,Very Cool.

Exercise with your aging parents or grandparents …VERY COOL: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Do any of you recall the Jazzercize classes we all attended in the 1980’s? The annoying multi-colored leotards and nasty matching leg warmers. We all proudly came to exercise class each week looking like the singer, Olivia Newton John in the video “Lets Get physical.”

Jazzercize is still around today stronger than ever, sure it’s been slightly re-invented to included perhaps a larger demographics of people. Thank goodness the workout styles have changed over the years. As adult women working out; we no longer have to look like the early VJ’s of music MTV. Does the name “Downtown Julie Brown,” ring a bell with anyone reading this blog?  Ok, so I am dating myself, but you get my point. Not a shinning moment in the fashion industry for Women’s Active Sports Wear.

I exercise several days a week at my local and NEW Community Fitness Center. I realize everyday just how very blessed we are in my community to have this type of center. I urge everyone to checkout a facility like mine near their own neighborhood.

http://www.la-quinta.org -Click on Fitness Center- Oh, here is the ugly proof I do workout. Yes, that’s me on fitness center website on elliptical machine in black basic workout clothes. Notice, no leg warmers either. SHOCKER to see my friendly mug on the website!

The best thing about my workouts on Monday’s and Friday’s, my 82-year-old dad as my partner. How cool! Plus, dad always wears decent workout clothes, no leg warmers or head bands for my papa. We are both “Cancer Survivor’s.” December will be dad’s 1-year Anniversary of his Bladder Cancer surgery. He has been the poster-child for this very aggressive surgery. He came through with flying colors, better than most younger patients. My dad has battled his Bladder Cancer with grace and dignity, having lost 3 major organs. He has managed to fight back, recover and now on his way to healthy lifestyle with a good diet and weekly exercise.

I remember as young kids hating being seen with our parents, asking to be dropped off around the corner at any school event. Dreading our little friends might have spotted us with our “parents.”  OMG!  The shame of being seen with our mom and dad. Funny, how that changes when you get older. At least it’s supposed to change, if you have matured at all and have your priorities straight. I enjoy very much the days I workout with my dad at the fitness center. It’s our special bonding time. The special time I will always remember with fondness, long after my dad passes away. When I am working out at the fitness center, I often see seniors there without any workout partners. I think to myself, do they have a son, daughter or a grandchild who possibly could be their workout partner? Hey all of you out there putting your fancy workout clothes on, ask your aging parents or grandparents to join you at the gym if they are capable. You really don’t know what you are missing. A life time of memories.

Exercise with your aging parents or grandparents …VERY COOL!

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  1. Posted by patrick pheasant on September 24, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    very cool Kellie as you, Patrick


  2. Thanks Mr. Patrick! I try….


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