Gluten FreeThanksgiving,Eat, Enjoy!

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving EAT, ENJOY: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Thanksgiving being just around the corner. I am already salivating and dreaming of pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, fresh-baked bread, cranberries and stuffing. Oh my weakness-stuffing!

Just a few items on the old Thanksgiving “no-no list,” for those of us with Celiac Disease (CD). But fear not my gluten-free friends, you too can eat your little gluten (not glutton) faces off on Thanksgiving. TRUST ME, you can eat VERY WELL! There are many gluten-free websites for great holiday recipes. Here is one link to check out for gluten-free recipes for the up coming gobble day.

I always recommend taste testing gluten-free recipes, before the BIG DAY. Especially if you are planning on serving the dish to guests. If you are lucky enough to find another gluten intolerant taste tester/baker for the new recipes-even better. My mother and I often serve entire gluten-free appetizers and meals to our guests. Our guests don’t even realize they are eating gluten-free, until after we spring it on them. They are pleasantly surprised to find out the food is so tasty. We make sure the recipes are perfect before serving, using my dad as the guinea pig of course. My dad has been through many horrific missteps with the recipes. Dad always willing to help and gives his truthful opinion. Dad is NOT gluten intolerant.  Yet, he is the lucky man living with a woman who is; so my dad eats gluten-free often. My advice to my blog readers who are cooking gluten-free recipes. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. NO SUBSTITUTIONS!

Hey, to all my celiac buddies out there this Holidays Season, remember Gluten-Free Thanksgiving EAT,ENJOY! Just be an internet wizard this year. Google that pumpkin pie you dream about at night. Just make it a gluten-free recipe.

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