Fall Has Arrived In Desert-Book Update Time

Fall has arrived here in the desert. Book update time. It’s about time too!  Everyday soon in the mid 80’s … perfect weather! The “Snowbirds” are slowly returning to town with luggage and pets in hand, after leaving for the Summer.

How lucky am I? I am sitting here at my desk typing away on my computer, deep in thought, writing another chapter of my book. I am very fortunate to have one of the most gorgeous views  in the entire Coachella Valley right in my backyard, the Santa Rosa Mountains. So, what’s my problem? Why do I need Supergirl and Superman giving me  kudos? Is this a little mind trick I am playing to pump up my fragile ego, or just a little “push” to get me out of my writing funk? To be honest, there are days it may take a visit from Superman himself with a BIG cup of JAVA to pull me out of my slump!  Writing is a painful, exhausting, freeing,exhilarating and healing experience. I LOVE IT!

Other days I find it incredibly hard to continue to write my book. When I need inspiration, I visit my blog site and read a kind “attaboy” sent from family, friends or complete strangers.

A supportive “attaboy” on my blog, are better than GOLD to me. The simple kind words of others push me to complete each chapter. Especially on those days and late nights when I am emotionally drained. Reading my blog gives me strength to write another chapter in my book. Words are very powerful; a little encouragement from others is all one needs to continue on with a challenge. Even encouragement from Supergirl or Superman can’t hurt! Today was a good day. I am currently finishing another chapter, preparing to move on … .

The sun is setting here in my window. Fall has arrived in the desert, my book update time has come to a close.  Aaah,  perfect start to a very good evening.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Keep writing, no matter what, keep writing


    • Thank you for your comments. I am a work in progress and continue to write. December blog up and coming and closing chapter three on book moving to chapter four soon. Welcome to my blog.


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