I Love Medical Technology!

I Love Medical Technology: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

 The phrase “A picture is worth a thousands words.” I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! Pretty much sums it up for me.

On August 24, 2011, I so proudly blogged about my new Bionic-ness! Is bionic-ness even a word? If not -it is now! Since becoming “Bionic Woman” and receiving my Medtronic REVEAL XT heart monitor implant, I have been nervously awaiting any useful feedback from my cardiologist.

I am certainly doing my part, pressing the camera fob when I feel the slightest bit of irregular heart beat activity. Is it my imagination? Could the flutter I feel in my chest be overwhelming emotions building up from all the hunky heart throbs sitting next to me at my local coffee shop? You know the guys, barely able to say, “whazzz up?”

Naaah, I have  Atrial Arrhythmia, a change in the hearts’ normal rate or rhythm, normally between 60 and 100 beats per minute. I can NOT believe the heart monitor has already transmitted life saving information. I am skipping  from 5-6 beats to 8-10 beats randomly throughout the day. If this is the first 31 days of transmission, I am nervous and excited to wait for the next transmission of information on November 7th. I find this technology AWESOME! Lucky for all of us to be living in times of crazy technology. There are several types of Atrial Arrhythmia and several treatment plans.

See Link –

http://www.cardiosmart.org/HeartDisease/CTT.aspx?id=232#Test and Procedures

I am currently discussing my plan of attack and treatment plan with my medical team- including a possible pacemaker- The pacemaker, another wonderful little life saving device. Boy, has the pacemaker come a long way. Whatever the outcome, I know technology will have saved my life! Some give technology a bad rap. I say, you take the good with the bad with technology. I LOVE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY.

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  1. Thanks “S” I got your reply on other email, instead of on this blog. I heart you… Kel


  2. Posted by Deb on October 15, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    I agree, you have to take a little bad with the good. Or is it trail and error. Or is it the same. Keep it up wonder woman !


  3. This is VERY true! It’s kinda like Facebook… Some marvelous thing come with “FB” other items I would rather not have to deal with along the social network highway! But it’s called TECHNOLOGY!


  4. Kellie, Enjoyed this post. While I am busy complaining about the intrusive tests I have to sometimes undergo I always give thanks for them. If I had been born 50 years earlier, some of this stuff would have killed me off long ago. Color me grateful!


  5. Yes in deed my witty woman. This is why I too take the good with the bad. Oh and trust me,complain all the way to and from testing it’s the only way….


  6. Kellie, you are my hero! You could not have said it better with all the twists and turns in your life you still come out as a champion ! Please keep writing, it helps me direct my massage clients to possibly the right answers in their own health!


    • Deb
      Glad u agree my “part deux” is also a positive … will see in my lifel. I could of taken the information and got depressed but I thought otherwise. This was truly what I have waited for, corrected information from experts who seem to know what’s going on! So onward to appointment on December 9th appointment which will lead me 1 day closer to my happy ending.


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