I Love Medical Technology:Part Deux

I Love Medical Technology, Part Deux: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Definition of Part Deux: A sequel to a classic film. Usually a second film in a series, though not always. This is exactly how I have viewed my life the past couple of years. Of course, excluding Charlie Sheen, infamous for his 1993 version of “Hot Shots! Part Deux.”

I feel my life is a classic film, with a surprising final sequel. All questions finally answered for my loyal movie fans. My life has more twists and turns than famed road “Mullolland Drive” in the Hollywood Hills. Who are my loyal movie fans? My parents and friends of course.


My October 13, 2011 post,  was a small window into my August 24, 2011 heart monitor implant procedure and new medical technology available. The heart monitor I received has provided life saving information for me. The heart monitor  provided my medical team with precise information needed; I am not the proper candidate for a pacemaker. The atrial arrhythmia I am experiencing is not coming from my heart. My heart rhythms actually look very good. In fact, the belief is perhaps a neurological injury in neck or spine area is the cause of my atrial arrhythmia. The news I received that my heart is in good shape, is fantastic news; a huge sye of relief! Ok-so now what? For now, my heart monitor stays in place-in my chest- to do … its job … monitoring. It can stay implanted for two years. Onward and up-ward I say!  Next stop, neurosurgeon.

Interesting enough, I hear all the time the topic of  pain management. When pain is not properly managed, the human body will cry-out in several ways. The body reacts to pain; regardless if the pain is coming from injury or from illness. Wow, am I now facing this issue, is this my Part Deux? Well, how I see it my life  continues to be an adventurous movie, waiting for the final sequel … with all the questions finally answered and a very happy ending!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Kellie, such great news! I currently see a pain management doctor and am being treated without drugs. Awesome! But I learned how much damamge pain does to our body and our mind, all the while we are often unaware. Very happy for you indeed!


  2. Tammy
    People suffer so with pain from illness and injury. I do my very best to use exercise, yoga, Feldenkrais and meditation to deal with my neurological pain management on a daily basis. When OVER the top I will pop something for pain … I really hate to do it. pain stuff can be so addictive I really battle the doctors if they want to throw me on any fast med’s solution. They know by now my personality ONLY necessary life saving med’s …talk to me about. I am on currently those very few now. I am anxious to see neurosurgeon. It may end up to also be a tough little road … but hey, it will help complete my movie and give me my happy ending I deserve.


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