Christmas Chaos Expectation Overload!

Christmas Chaos Expectation Overload: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

The holidays are a time for celebrating with friends and family. Then why can it turn into “CHRISTMAS CHAOS” in a split second? Is it because are expectations greatly exceed our reality of the evening/day? We immediately go on what I call “Expectation Overload” with little to no hope of ever succeeding.

We place such unrealistic expectations on ourselves. Immediately unpleasant traits start to appear in our personalities.  All right, let me just call it what it is … “bitchy-ness!”  There is no sexism here; a man can become just as evil in the kitchen in a blink of an eye. Ever see a man go nutty over his  perfect deep-fried turkey being over cooked?  I have WOW, NOT a pretty picture! It’s common knowledge that anxiety, depression, over eating, lack of exercise and weight gain can affect us during the holiday season. So now, let’s add “bitchy-ness” to the dreaded list due to unrealistic holiday expectations we place on ourselves.

How do we NOT become a casuality of the holiday season? Keeping expectations -in check- is a great start. Letting go of being the notorious -control freak during the holiday season. Ask for help with any major task, such as the main dinner/buffet. Times have changed, both parents have full-time careers. It’s not a crime to ask guests to bring a dish to a holiday event to make it easier on the host family. The holidays should be a huge enjoyment, not something that causes stress and illness. So many people walk away from the holidays with an unpleasant experience, due to too much “Christmas Chaos.” The remedy is realistic expectations.

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  1. I agree with asking guests to bring a dish. Plus, I think we tend to underestimate how much our guests would like to contribute and bring a piece of their own traditions by way of their favorite dish. Nice post!


  2. Thanks so much for your comments. It is very hard to let go in our family and allow people to bring dishes. So what what we have agreed to do is have item’s pre-prepared by restaurants or a deli. This way the stress of being in the kitchen is taken off everyone. We can visit and enjoy early on … little steps for everyone! Less Christmas chaos for sure…


  3. Kellie, good read on holiday expectations. Your about me page to linkedin was fascinating. You have a good story to tell! I am following your blog now.


  4. Agree … control and over-expectation are a big reason for downers … but we bring that on ourselves. … and yes, it’s OK to ask guest to bring a dish … after all, most people want to bring something.


  5. Hey Kellie,
    Sorry for the off-topic here, but based on a comment you made at my blog, I think you will like this post. Just wanted to make sure you saw this.


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