Contest Contribution: Xmas with Mom Contest

CHRISTMAS WITH MOM CONTEST: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Christmas in November!  Mom made sure Christmas came early for my dad and I last year. Dad was spending the entire month of December in the hospital recovery from Bladder Cancer surgery. Due to my Mom, Santa arrived early in our house last November prior to my dad leaving for the hospital. Mom made sure every inch of the house received the holiday glitter treatment with Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree was perfect and beautifully decorated; like a Macy’s tree you would find in New York City. Mom you are  one CRAZY, WONDERFUL elf!

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  1. Kellie, your mom sounds awesome. She is a beauty and that wine glass in her hand may have something to do with the ease in which she handled the holiday. I am making a mental note to follow in her footsteps. So wonderful for your entire family that your dad is here and on the road to recovery. Holidays are for memories and gifts of the heart. Hope you have plenty of both this year.


  2. Posted by Kellie on December 1, 2011 at 8:18 PM

    Well hate to disappoint … that is sparkling cider in the old wine glass. Mom is a total lightweight! Thanks for the kind note. Last year put many things in perspective for us.


  3. The wonderful, crazy elf-mom has a wonderful daughter for writing this.
    Thank you, Kellie.
    It’s now entered in the “Christmas Memory With Mom” contest.



  4. What a brilliant thing to do.


    • well thank you. my mom thought so … stuck in a hospital during the holidays is just so terrible. So if you can enjoy any type of Xmas spirit prior to going into the gloomy place it is sure a pick me up! Thank you for jumping on my site.


  5. Good tribute to your Mom as she stepped up to the plate for the joys of the holidays even in the face of adversity.


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