The Gift Of Time.

The Gift of Time: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

This Christmas was supposed to be the BETTER holiday for my parents. The morning holiday ritual begins. Mom awakens far earlier than my papa these days, he now deserves to be a bit of Rip Van-Winkle. Mom makes sure the fireplace is warm and toasty; the Christmas tree lights are all lite and the coffee pot is ready. Mom plays scrabble on her Kindle Fire and waits patiently to hear papa’s slippers shuffling down the hall. The special sound of my papa’s slippers, lets her know her attention is needed and wanted by him. His cup of coffee and paper in hand and the morning slowly begins by the fire.

In exchange for the cozy morning ambiance, every holiday evening starts out with my papa lighting the fireplace for my mom. They have the lovely fireplace to enjoy-chilly desert evenings and mornings-the Christmas tree all a glow just like a Macy’s tree. Celebrating this year, papa is home with us for the holidays; after battling 1 year of  Bladder Cancer, as a family we had made it through in one piece. This was to be a joyous celebration this December.

On Monday, December 12, 2011 the holiday took an unexpected turn. I received a call from my parents to meet them at their home around the corner. My mom consumed with emotion, I knew they were coming back from my papa’s 6 months Oncology appointment. Once meeting up with my parents, I calmly sat down next to my mom. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “It’s stage 4 and it’s gone into his bones, lymph nodes of the abdomen area, they want to begin radiation and chemotherapy immediately.” Metastatic Bladder Cancer, I  could actually feel my heart breaking … what happened to our perfect holiday? Why was this happening again? The only real gift my parents wanted this holiday, was my papa home and cancer free. Now we are looking at the Gift of Time!

During the holiday season people tend to focus on what type of gifts they are giving or receiving. All consumed on how much to spend and the brand of the gift. Is the gift a Gucci or Kate Spade bag? Did the gift come from Tiffany & Company? My god … I must have a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes as a gift! Being a Cancer Survivor myself and having faced the possibility of  my mortality at an early age;  I have felt for a long time Christmas gifts should be a complete after thought. The real gift at Christmas should be … your Gift of  Healthand your Gift of Life. Now for my parents, it is the Gift of Time. There is no bigger or better gift my papa can buy my mom other than more time with her. This is the type of gift you can’t find in a box, or on a ring finger, or on a pair of feet or even parked in someone’s driveway. The Gift of Time is priceless.

Without missing a beat, my papa made clear their Christmas Eve celebration will remain the same. My parents will be celebrating with dear friends in their home this Christmas Eve.  Celebrating the Gift of Health, Gift of Life and Gift of  Time!

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  1. Excellent post as I could feel the highs, lows, and unexpected turns of a roller coaster. But in the end, the gift of time something to cherish. Blessings to your entire family during this time!


  2. Thank so much. Hard to write, but needed to be said. Never in a million years did I think we would be here. Use your time wisely.


  3. Kellie, what a lovely insight into your family. So much love there. I’m devastated for you, your papa and your mom. Devastated. My deepest regrets for what you will have to bare. Your loving hearts will see you through. I hope you will keep us all posted. Until then, have a wonderful holiday as you spend it together … all of you.


    • Dear Tammy
      Thank you so much fir lovely words…and for your friendship. We plan on making this Christmas Eve one to remember for sure. Wish u were here … but Spain is a calling! Please enjoy! Happy holidays!


  4. Kellie, enjoy your time with your parents! Hope papa is comfortable at least, in spite of the situation. Blessings, my friend.


  5. Kellie,
    My time surfing blogs and keeping up on my own site has approached tarpit speed of late because of various time demands – yet I’ve been saying that I want to stop by here to say hello and apologize for not being around. But I’ve returned to this post that reminds me about not only the gift of time and health, but also of the journey that you are on with your parents. Just wanted to say, hand in there … peace and strength to all of you.


    • Frank
      Yes the holidays have me scrambling and unable to view as many blogs running around to some appointment with my parents. Thank you for your kind words. Dad had a rather uplifting and hopeful meeting last week with one of his three oncologist. Wonderful personality,spirit this doctor is in deed. This does not always go hand in hand! He will begin his treatment plan soon.


  6. Merry Christmas Kellie. I invite you and your readers to visit and select a present under the tree.


  7. Kellie, Your parents’ decision to share their Christmas Eve with friends as usual, even after the devasting news of his health, is a tribute to their combined strength. During my dad’s final years with Alzheimer’s, my mom devoted every moment and activity to being with him. When he died, she had lost many of her own activities and friends. I wish your parents–and you–the very best as you face this challenge together.


  8. Marylin
    Thank you for your post. Xmas Eve was wonderful last night. Yes I am so glad we shared our time. My ex mother in law video taped the evening and she also took one photo each person by the tree with my parents. Yes mom has also made sure she started back to her painting class last summer at the senior center. My dad received her first masterpiece, and I received her second. She starts back on January 15th. This was very important for her to get out be around others. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


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