Raw Apple Cider Vinegar With Side Of Fries.

Raw Apple Cider With Side Of Fries: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

We all know an ice-cold soda and greasy french fries go hand in hand. For goodness sakes, it’s almost apart of every college students breakfast, lunch and dinner on campus.

We have all heard the obesity rate in the United States is SKY-HIGH. I believe more than JUST kids and college students are stuffing down the soda and side of fries. Hey, we all are guilty of the fast food drive-thru hit and run late afternoon “pick me up.” My weakness-lemonade and side of fries from In & Out Burgers. Yummy!

Would you ever consider a healthier option to drink along side those yummy fries? One that might even make your acne clear up, or make your hair glossy. Perhaps regulate blood pressure, help create strong bones or cut bad cholesterol. OMG! Is pretty much the response I get from people who are not hip to this “murky” brown liquid you can drink as a “shot” or combine daily in your favorite juice .

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Bragg  the brand I prefer, can be found at SPROUTS Markets, Fresh and Easy and most the local supermarkets. Although, there are many brands to choose from in your local stores. My parents and I take (ACV) daily in our tomato juice in the morning for various health issues. Apple Cider Vinegar used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Dating back to the Civil War and WWI (ACV) was used to treat wounds and indigestion.

In 400 BC Hippocrates, the Father of medicine, actually used it as an antibiotic. It is important to buy (ACV) with “mother” which is the living nutrients and bacteria. You will be able to actually see it settle at bottom of bottle like sediment, it gives it that “murky” brown look. You must use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, (no other) as it is not pasteurized. You can read all about the benefits of using (ACV) by clicking on the website.

My family, dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle even with our most recent health issues. We are achieving goals we set for ourselves by educating ourselves on different products.  An additional product we have also started using this year, which can boost your immune system is Raw Honey. Raw Honey has been used for centuries. 

I enjoy passing information to people. Especially If I know it may help someone feel better or live longer. Funny, the other day my mom and I were in SPROUTS Market buying more (ACV), they had two small bottles left on the shelf. The very knowledgable customer service gentleman was helping us. He looked at us and said “ya know, all the old-timer movie stars who have lived to be ancient drank (ACV) for years, so do all the gorgeous ones,  it’s a well-known FACT.”

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  1. Sounds gross. Must be healthy!


  2. Kellie, you come up with the most interesting stuff! Oooh, I want to grow to be ancient AND gorgeous. I think I can buy this apple vinegar in any store, yes? And I just dump it in my tomato juice? Easy-peasy. Will let you know as soon as I start becoming gorgeous. The ancient part will happen on it’s own! Nice post.


  3. Tammy Thanks so much for popping in and reading. Yes most Ralphs and Vons too. Look forward to seeing you get even more glammy.


  4. I’m not a fan of vinegar on fries, but I understand that many enjoy this. Meanwhile, my wife uses Bragg … but I can’t recall for what!


  5. Posted by polly on January 19, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    A mother knows best! Love you. Mom


  6. Kellie, this takes me back to the time my mother treated everything from sore throats to blisters with apple cider vinegar! I’m also a fan of “The Gift of Time” and “Thankful for Good Old-Fashioned Funny.”
    I’ve nominated you for the 7X7 Award. The rules are as follows:
    1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
    2. Tell things about yourself (if you want to; I think our blogs already do this).
    3. Link to or identify 7 of your favorite blog entries.
    4. Nominate other worthy bloggers (max. of 7) and notify them.
    You are a wonderful story teller and story sharer, Kellie!


  7. ew….

    I would rather die young than subject myself to this unreasonable torture.

    Now let’s see, where did I put my Snickers bar?


  8. Maryln
    Thank you so much. So glad you enjoyed. I will follow thru with this award in the next day. On the down slide with dad’s radiation, 6 left out of 18 as of today!


  9. Hey Kellie … I see some changes here! 🙂

    BTW – my wife mixes a dose of Braggs into water once a day.


  10. Frank
    Your wife is a very smart woman! See all the wonderful things we do to look so beautiful for our significant other. 🙂 yes I made changes thanks to a very nice blogging buddy. Finally got a free moment to make them.


  11. Great write-up, I’ll bookmark Raw Apple Cider Vinegar With Side Of Fries. Kellie Kennedy.


  12. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar With Side Of Fries. Kellie Kennedy is a great write-up. I will take more time researching this issue.


  13. Finally, everything old is new again. (We’d all be better off without fries, and soda) Still be careful with raw honey – for healthy / average people, great!


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