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Squirrely For Virgin Coconut Oil.


Squirrely For Coconut Oil: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Virgin coconut oil… the new black!

I do believe Gilligan and all his fellow stranded castaways had the right idea; use coconuts for just about anything. As a kid, I used to love the show Gilligan’s Island. I was so fascinated by how many ways the castaways used a coconut while stranded on the island. Each week I would tune into the TV show to see what the professor came up with next. He was extremely knowledgable on so many subjects. I often wondered why he could not come up with a full proof plan to get them off the dang island.  However, he could create a telephone from two coconut shells and a string!

If you were an avid watcher of the TV show, you will recall the castaways used every part of the coconut. The natural virgin coconut oil was used to condition the hair and skin of Ginger and Mariann. The oil was also used to fry and cook food. The castaways used the meat of the coconut as a side dish or ingredient to a homemade coconut cream pie. I often thought to myself, these were pretty fancy cooking skills; even Julia Child herself would be impressed. The coconut oil was also used for  medicinal purpose from a bug bite to Beriberi Disease. Who can forget the infamous coconut shells used to create a telephone. The coconut shells had several uses, from drinking cups to candle holders. Careful, the one area the castaways never covered was the side effects of too much coconut oil in your diet. Diarrhea!!

I include coconut oil in my diet and daily lifestyle. Several times a week when preparing my meals, I substitute virgin olive oil with virgin coconut oil when I saute foods. In addition, I love using the coconut oil to remove my makeup before bedtime. I leave a little oil on my face at night as my overall moisturizer. Nothing I have found in the beauty supply stores makes a  better hair conditioner for your heated hair cap then virgin coconut oil. As with any product, every person should consult with their own health professional prior to using coconut oil if unclear of the health risks or benefits.

When purchasing coconut oil make sure you buy the “virgin” coconut oil instead of the “ordinary” coconut oil. There is  difference in processing and extraction. In my case and for several family members, it has been a positive experience incorporating virgin coconut oil into our lifestyles. One might even say “I’m squirrely for virgin coconut oil.”  think the castaways would be proud!

Radiate LOVE.

Radiate LOVE: Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

St. Valentine’s Day never been a big fan of the day. I always felt it’s such a forced day, where couples must show proof of their love, affection and respect for one another. The poor guy/girl who have the unfortunate timing to begin their dating ritual during  Valentine’s week. SUCH PRESSURE to perform on that one day! I’m really not ANTI-VALENTINE’S DAY. However, more of the belief that such expressions of love, affection and respect should come naturally and be expressed throughout the year for your partner. Over the years I have watched this day come and go, observing couples who partake in this pressured filled day.  This has given me a unique perspective of the “so-called” romantic day. 

Does the day ever really meet anyone’s expectations? In my opinion …NO! Every year I see couples who go “all out” on that ONE special day trying to impress. Sky writing their partners name in the sky with the “words I love you” seems to be the gift of choice for many these days. Or the exciting and romantic hot air balloon ride with champagne and flowers. My first thought when I see such extravagant gifts on Valentine’s Day; do they radiate that same LOVE and RESPECT for each other throughout the year? 

This past 1 1/2 years of watching my parents cope with my father’s Metastatic Bladder Cancer, has really made the definition of the words love, affection and respect clear to me. My father has just finished 21 rounds of radiation therapy. To his credit, he handled the intense treatment with grace and dignity. By my father’s side everyday was my mother, showing her love, affection and respect for him during this difficult time. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I recently pondered just how many couples truly attempt to show their partner concern, emotions and feelings 365 days a year. Why is it couples place so much importance on this ONE day a year and not the entire year?

 Some might believe as a society we have become so busy in our everyday lives it’s only natural for partners to lose that “spark” and over time less romance will occur in the relationship. I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking. Watching my parents express the same love for each other during his cancer, was all I needed to become a true believer that everyday romance is possible in committed relationships. Looking at how much time and effort is given to Valentine’s Day and not the everyday maintenance of relationships, makes me a big believer WE as a society need to step up our game. 

I feel very lucky to have watched my parents attempts to show love, affection and respect to each other throughout their 55 years of marriage. Most recently, when it was most needed … during severe illness. In my opinion, my parents are a perfect example of expressing Valentine’s Day …everyday of the year.

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