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A Yogi Not The Average Bear…

A Yogi Not The Average Bear: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

What pops in your mind when you hear someone say “I am a yogi?” For many people the mind goes straight to that loveable Yogi Bear and his side kick Boo Boo living in Jellystone Park.

In the year 2012, a yogi is a person who practices yoga  a traditional Indian spiritual discipline which includes meditation and spiritual exercises. I am proud to be a yogi. I am a much healthier, happier and better person for practicing yoga and becoming part of this wonderful and insightful community.

I think for many who don’t understand the practice  of yoga, they perhaps first visualize the old Ghandi sitting on a mat with his legs crossed. While Mahatma Gandhi achieved what he did by cleaning out his mind, by continuous effort, and by the practice of  karma yoga, there is so much more to understanding the practice of yoga.

Each time I attend my yoga class, I think I may have mastered it. I am of course completely delusional.  However, then I am quickly brought right back to reality when I find myself fighting downward facing dog pose …WOOF! I love the fact that yoga teaches a person how to practice more patience. A virtue that has started to serve me very well in my life. I recently came across (by accident) a wonderful explanation of “patience” written by Christopher Dilts.
“Patience is not about waiting. It is not about too little, or too much. It is not about working slowly, or working faster – it is not about taking more time or taking less time.

It is about letting go completely, absolutely, totally; with no strings attached. No strings of any kind. It is about being without the strings. The strings being the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ of our attachments to our intentions, our expectations, our desires.

It is about allowing what is its’ right time, right place, right way of coming into full being. It is about our perceptions being fully open to the moment. It is about sensing and moving with the ebb and flow of all tides.” 

A few years back, I committed my life to yoga as one of my forms of exercise. I decided to practice yoga due to a reoccurrence/diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer. During my cancer treatment, I was introduced to yoga through a wellness center. A large majority of  cancer patients during and after treatment, decide to join this wonderful community and life as a yogi. 

I found there are so many benefits to yoga other than just for exercise. Stress can be a killer for many people. By meditation skills in yoga, I was able to better handle stressful situations and bring down my level of anxiety. I recently placed myself on a small sabbatical from yoga class, while nursing an arm injury (I received outside yoga class). While I was not physically taking my yoga classes, I found myself “out of sorts” to say the least. Not on top of my game. Note to self …continue the practice of medication. Now at 90% recovery, I am back in yoga class and reaping the full benefits of the practice. Yoga is practiced and enjoyed by both women and men. I urge all my readers to investigate the possibility of incorporating yoga in their lifestyle.

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