Be A Leader … Not A Follower.

Be A Leader … Not A Follower.

Watching all the chaos around the world lately, including here in the United States; I often watch in pure amazement of the stupidity of people who have become followers instead of leaders. What happened to the days where people actually had a  mind of their own and did not go along with mob mentality? Do the various college students believe if they choose to NOT part-take on campus and elsewhere in the ant-American demonstrations they seem uncool among their so-called “peers?” Do these students and others who take part in mob mentality/violence and spew anti-American diatribes think they are among the en-lighted ones? What happened to being a leader?

At first glance, I thought perhaps ONLY the college age students were the most ignorant to our own American history and government policies. Sadly, not the case if you tune into the late-night comedian Jay Leno-“Jay Walking” segments. What is the saying “you can’t argue with stupid.” I am at a loss college students in the U.S. are not learning much or anything at all on campus, about our true American history.

Often times what the average college students hear in classroom setting is a skewed version of our history, by a particular professor with his/her own agenda. I don’t think I have met a college student today (I have worked in a university setting) that can even speak with any intelligence about the Vietnam War or Korean War.

Or aware that the U.S. was even in Vietnam for a horrific conflict. I have yet to meet a college student who knows or understands what President JFK- “Bay of Pigs” days was all about in early nineteen sixty. (No … NOT Senator Edward Kennedy-his brother President John F. Kennedy).

Digress … with the last name Kennedy, when asked to spell my last name while on the phone or in person, I say, “as in President Kennedy.” More often than not the response I get … who?” Seriously! Back on track.

The most disturbing realization to me, is the lack of knowledge college students have about WW-ll.  I dare you to ask the average student if they are aware of the “Greatest Generation.” You will hear crickets! Give them another “ding-ding” bonus round question. Do they know where Omaha Beach is located and the historic implications? This is perhaps the most upsetting subject for me as an American. Without the “Greatest Generation” Europe, United States and the rest of the world would be a far different place. So many gave their lives for OUR freedoms today. I recently cringed in horror the other day reading a post on Facebook(I’m paraphrasing) “that it was nice to see someone bow their back to the bullying and “bellicose” of Israel. An ignorant statement, which truly turned my stomach. Was this person real? I realized they liked to use fancy “words” to make an ignorant point.

Some may feel that I have no respect for the college student of today … they would be wrong. I highly respect the one’s who understand  and GET why they are now able to attend such fine institutions. Or how they are now able to own multiple Apple  iPhones-Version 5 and the newest iPAD. View on-blocked internet sites and drive fancy cars. Could today’s students handle being on war ration points?  H’m not sure Ms. Fluke could buy her condoms with war rations. I even respect students who demonstrate on campus and other locations,  for what they THINK they believe. As long as done in an orderly, peaceful non-drug-fest atmosphere. (something the 99% were not able to avoid with over 7,000 arrest to-date). If not for those who served and died during WWll the “Greatest Generation and other wars, so many luxury’s and freedoms would just a be a dream!

This post might not be popular to some and may get much praise by others. Either way, please don’t respond to this post with a long-winded paragraph about President Obama or Presidential Candidate Romney. And please for God sakes don’t respond with another old blame game session about George W. Bush. Snore-fest! I welcome a mature, intelligent dialog with any of my readers. See the greatest freedom for me about this blog … is the right to delete you!! 🙂 One-Baby Boomers View On Life.

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  1. What a wonderful post. I was just talking about this the other day, about the decline in education in the USA. Knowledge is power and it should be any country’s main concern in educating the people


    • Maggie,
      Thank you fr the wonderful comments. I find this subject so painful. My father is a Korean War Veteran and I am so very proud of him and what that stands for in his life. To know that most kids today have no idea what is really means to fight for freedom nor would most ever volunteer as they did back in WWll to fight. However, they enjoy all the freedom now because others did know how to lead by example. Thanks for popping in and reading


  2. Well, I work in a university and have a lot of respect for the students I work with. I see them mostly fighting just to stay in the game. They’re so stressed attempting to navigate their coursework, working odd jobs to pay for it, and with little assurance that a job is waiting for them when they graduate. On the other hand, my conversations with them aren’t particularly geared to discuss the aspects of historical and cultural contexts you referenced. I have seen the Jay Leno interviews on the street and you’re right about that–it’s pretty horrifying. Now maybe I’m a little softer on the average college student, but I am greatly troubled by the overall dumbing down of America. Many of my friends, sad to say, couldn’t answer some of the questions you posit. I think as a nation we really are in trouble! Thought provoking post!


  3. Thanks for popping in to tread the post. You make a good point of kids being stressed out trying to get coursework done etc. But I have a little spin on that subject. I was discussing with a group of friends the other day how pampered and sheltered the kids are today (by many of their parents) We were discussing the TV show 60 minuntes and they showed a segment of military recruiters and trainers. They were saying that such a large % of the men and women who come thru are so untrainable due to being pampered so much by parents etc. The parents and schools say everyone wins in all sports and all get trophys even the losing team. They have been told that grading in red pen means you are wrong. I recently told my story of years ago. I was helping my niece with homework and went to grab a red pin to correct her mistakes. She yelped with horror “we are not allowed red or the teacher.” So many kids are unable to handle any stress or direction these days etc. When I was a … kids sports were sports. You win and you lose and one team got the trophy. We learned disapointment and coping skills. Coping skills of trying to get a job and interview too. So many kids today have no social skills due to ONLY using internet to communicate. Watched a show on PBS recently of a headhunter and looking at resume of kids and interviewing them for a position. They came in jeans and flip flops to interview and no social skills and this was for a high profile advertising position..Yes the dumbing down of American is frighting. When I go to Europe it seems whom every I talk with knows their countries history like the back of their hand. Thanks again. One-Baby Boomers View.


  4. Very thought-provoking post. History tells us a lot, but people have both a lack of understanding it and looking beyond the superficial people and facts. As I think about your comment regarding a young person’s lack of WW II knowledge today, I wonder this: Were we the same way during our youth regarding WWI?


  5. Hi Frank. Good question. If I had to answer fast … I would say yes a large majority of our youth did know and understand that war. I think due to government, economics and history all being taught in high school back when I was going up- and also my parents day they both learned correct American history in school (they are now 83) people did understand and know about the Great War I do believe. The youth were very different I love history and should have majored in history or been an archaeology. In my schools these subjects were mandatory (can’t recall if that is how it was in all schools across the u.s.) looong time ago! 🙂 As you know being from Trieste, Italy, Europeans do know their history of their own countries as well as others. Of course there is also a reason for so much knowledge of other countries: location,un-stable regions and crossovers of cultures. (Example Czech, Austria etc and Habsburg ruling etc.Thanks for reading and enjoy your input. One-Baby Boomers View.


  6. My father and uncles served in a different role of the greatest generation. As conscientious objectors, they served under the Coast Guard’s umbrella, ships carrying seeds and farm animals to Europe to help families rebuild after the war. Not as easy or as safe a service as some might think, but it was following their hearts and beliefs.
    There are many ways to serve.


  7. The Coast Guard played a major role. what a wonderful legacy to pass on to the children in your family. You must be so proud.


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