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Tricks Or Treats … The Great Pumpkin!

Tricks Or Treats … The Great Pumpkin!

Fall is the beginning of my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of the year which signals the Holiday Season is just around the corner. October brings back so many special memories. I love all the different styles and colors of gourds and pumpkins to choose from in October and November. My mother is the “MacGyver” of arts and crafts; making a centerpiece from two matches and dry twigs. A talent she handed down to me and my siblings. However, we are not nearly as talented as my mom. I can hold my own when it comes to creativeness for sure … but mom is the queen! Especial during fall and winter, The Great Pumpkin and the Christmas Fairy defiantly arrive in full force in all of our homes.

Some of my favorite childhood memories in the month of October was gathering around the BIG console TV and watching the seasonal iconic TV special “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” How I loved this special, which still plays on TV to this day the week of Halloween. As an adult, I still wait for this TV special every year with anticipation. Not to mention the special “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”  I wonder why these specials still mean so much to me; perhaps it represents a wholesome period which once existed on TV?  Which by the way, try to find anything on TV today to compare with these wonderful specials. In my opinion, they don’t exist. I watch every year and come away with the same warm and fuzzy feeling after having watched. I watch every year hoping to see the Great Pumpkin appear in the pumpkin patch for Charlie Brown and his little friends. Of course, he never comes, always hoping the ending might be different. I still laugh my butt off at the end listening to Sally’s diatribe towards poor Linus for wasting her time on Halloween. Classic!

Growing up as a Southern Californian kid was a fabulous experience. Halloween was another fantastic memory and time in my neighborhood. I recall being able to choose any type of Halloween costume; the weather  was so perfect we did not have to wear jackets or sweaters. What is the point of a FABULOUS costume if covered up with a heavy winter jacket! I used a pillowcase for my Halloween bag, because of course it held more candy. We must have hit 100 homes on Halloween night yelling “Tricks Or Treats!” I think we all felt so grown up. It was a big deal being allowed to go out without our parents. Of course, we always had someone’s oldest sibling with us to supervise the evening. At the end of the night we all dumped our pillowcases out on the floor to separate the bad candy from the good. I hated (and still do) the candy corn!  GAG! That was the first candy to go in the trash or get traded. Such great memories!

Sadly, the only kids I see now at my front door these days on Halloween are accompanied by an army of parents. Who can blame parents … in this crazy world. Most of my neighborhood kids go to Halloween events held by their local church or school. These events are safe and secure and the parents feel very comfortable in allowing them to attend. Now my doorbell rings less often during Halloween. I miss the voices of excited kids screaming “tricks or treats!” I wish children today could step back in time and experience the  Halloweens I had as a kid. I do believe they would enjoy it so much more.

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