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Heart to Heart …Text to Text!

Heart to Heart ...Text to Text!

I was never a been a big fan of Valentine’s Day…I have mentioned this fact in a previous blog. However, I have some very fond memories of childhood Valentine’s Day in grade school.

These little candy hearts were the favorite of all the kids and everyone always waited with such anticipation to get their little box of colorful chalky candy hearts with fabulous “love messages” written on them. Between the candy hearts and the special tiny valentine cards from classmates; it was such a fun and special time in grade school. I recall opening my box of candy hearts along side my miniature valentine cards (given by classmates) and of course that ONE special boy in class, who was too scared to profess his young feelings of love/like for you. Oh my… how mysterious and exciting when that special boy would send the card “anonymously.”

H’m I find things really have not changed that much regarding men and scared to profess feelings. However in the year 2013 instead of candy hearts … they text! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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