Paws and Reflect.

Paws and Reflect.

Last week I lost a family member. I had to make the horrible and sudden decision to put my 14 year old Lhasa Apso down. Abigail was my faithful companion for the last 10 years (4 earlier years with my sister). She was my furry baby, my child, my best friend. Abigail was non-judgemental and showed me unconditional love…she loved me for me!


Since her passing on March 26th, I’v had time to paws and reflect. As a single person with no children, we tend to replace such voids with the love of an animal(s). She became my child and I treated her with respect and with the best care possible. While it was the most devastating choice to put her down, I knew it was the right choice (contemplating the hard choice) while late into the early morning hours at the VCA Emergency Room. Her sudden seizures had debilitated her so badly; her quality of life was poor at best. Since putting her down, I have had even more time to silently paws and reflect.


Those who are not animal lovers (dogs in particular) are truly missing out in my opinion. The kindness and selflessness an animal brings out in an owner is truly a remarkable thing. Just like a child; animals are a huge responsibility. Dogs (unlike cats) depend on you for everything. Being a cat owner as well, I can tell you cats are very self-sufficient. I always tell non-dog owners the attention and time needed for a dog is crazy…but well worth the return on time and investment of the animal.

Merry Christmas...woof...meow!

Abigail was a retired Animal Therapy dog with two local agencies. She spread her love at senior homes, hospitals, hospice, schools and kids reading programs. She wagged her tail proudly while she was wearing her animal therapy dog vest. She loved walks, polo games, coffee shops, hot dogs, belly rubs and loved sitting in the sun on cool spring mornings and sitting by the warm fire on chilly nights. She waited for me at the hall door and waited for me to give her the sign for bed. She gave kisses for NO reason. I know there must be a very special place in heaven for her. I am just now finding her hidden rawhide around the house. I miss her so very much… my heart actually aches. I will soon receive her ashes back. My decision of what to do with her ashes will not be taken likely by me. She gave her all to me and I will do the same for her. Mommy loves you always Miss Abigail. see you in heaven!

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  1. So sorry for your loss. I totally agree with you that a pet does bring out kindness and selflessness in people who love dogs. Maggie has with factors in mind changed my life for the better. That I will be forever grateful.


  2. Posted by Inge on March 31, 2013 at 11:30 AM

    I’m so sorry..I know it’s so hard to lose a part of your family..she was such a sweetie and what wonderful memories you have together.


  3. Letting pets go is so difficult … and the days following aren’t easy either. Sorry for your loss, and cheers to what Abigail gave.


    • The most painful thing I have done in a while. The strange thing is putting her down was more peaceful then I imagined. The watching of her seizures was so horrific, I am so glad I have no children, If they would have witnessed what I did…I am not sure they would get over it…I barely can get it out of my mind


  4. I’m so sorry, Kellie. This is a very big loss. We had to put our small terrier down a few years ago and it really was hard when I’d find her little milk bones in the most unlikely places after she was gone. We have never replaced her, simply because these days we aren’t home enough to be good doggy parents. But I think when we retire in the next few short years we will. These little pets are the perfect companions, and I can empathize with how empty you feel right now. It’s a very hard time. ox


  5. Posted by Ray Graves on April 1, 2013 at 12:35 PM

    Your post was really incrediable !!! We enjoyed reading your writing!!Love to all!!



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