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Love Heals…

Love Heals..


It is true what they say… love heals. Meet Angora the newest member of my family. Angora is a mix of Yellow Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever. I adopted her 1 week ago from an organization in Oceanside, California called Canine Companion’s for Independence.

Angora was being trained as part of the companion program to assist people with all types of disabilities-excluding the blind. Angora was released from the program for a minor issue. She is sensitive to fireworks and car backfiring noise. I had been placed on the adoption list for dogs who do not make the program and need to become a family pet.

The call could not of come at a better time for me. It had been since March that I lost my beloved Abigail. My heart needed repair very badly. I got the call and was advised I needed to come meet her in Oceanside (2 hour drive) as soon as I could possibly get down to the organization. I jumped in my car and picked up my sister and we were down there in two hours flat!

Upon arriving the organization gave me a detailed background of her life and history. After briefing me I was asked ” do you want to meet her?” I watched with anticipation for the staff to bring her down the hall. I heard my sister say “Oh my God you are going to love her.” One glance at Angora and I was sold! She drove home in the car with us like she had been in that vehicle 10 thousand times before and with such excitement in her eyes.


Abigail will never be replaced. However, Angora is love…and love heals.


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