Change…Good or Bad?


Change…Good or Bad?

Noun-the act or instance of making or becoming different. 

February will be 7 months since my Dad’s passing. So much has changed for our family. My Mom’s life has of course the most dramatic change. Watching my Mom go through all the changes to her life, made me seriously ask the question “Is change good or bad”?

Due to my Dad’s passing and all the sudden changes that come with the loss of a long time spouse of 58 years; Mom has experienced so many “firsts”. First time sleeping alone in a house. First time eating alone in a restaurant. First time attending a social event alone. First time experiencing the holidays alone. First time cooking for “one” person.

Watching my Mom navigate through all of these “firsts” has been like watching a new puppy learning to walk. So proud! In reality, they really are NOT “firsts” for my Mom.  Of course, over my Mom’s 84 years she has experienced all of the above mentioned “firsts” as young woman maturing. However, after such a long marriage; they surely do feel like true “firsts. Mom has handled all of this with grace and dignity. While Mom has good days and bad days…change seems to be making her and even stronger person. Not everyone can accept, handle or adapt to change. Some just manage…Mom is blossoming into an even stronger human being. Wonderful to watch!





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  1. Your mom is beautiful, Kellie, although you already know that! Each of those firsts must come as a bit of a shock to the system, but then she must surely feel so proud of herself for adapting and proving herself flexible. The holidays must have been a series of “firsts” for each of you. It’s very nice to have an update, and I’m glad you shared such a lovely photograph of your mom. ox Debra


  2. Posted by Polly on February 1, 2014 at 2:10 PM

    Love you … Mom


  3. Posted by Susan Katzman on February 3, 2014 at 10:25 AM

    Can’t imagine how tough it is for your mom to go on without your dad. And for you too. I’ve been thinking of you guys and have wanted to touch base but have had a really rough couple of months health wise and just don’t feel up to talking (sorry, selfish, I know). I will soon though. Those special days are the hardest, I know, but somehow you get through it and know our loved ones are always with us in our hearts. You are both in my thoughts and I will call you soon. Love to your mom and you from me.


    • Susan
      Thanks for stopping by to read blog. I know you understand the
      heartache. You have been there and done it. As father James told me grief is not a sprint but a journey.
      I hope your health improved in 2014. ( no not selfish) Wishing you all the best!


  4. Cheers to your mom’s efforts. Seems she’ll be fine. At this end we are watching my father-in-law the past two months. Meanwhile, hope you are doing well.


    • Frank good to hear from you. Mother is taking each day step by step. Day by day. We miss dad so much his birthday is Sunday and will be on our minds. Seems like your plate is full as well. Its all about family..right!! My work is fabulous and busy!


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