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Tricks Or Treats … The Great Pumpkin!

Tricks Or Treats … The Great Pumpkin!

Fall is the beginning of my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of the year which signals the Holiday Season is just around the corner. October brings back so many special memories. I love all the different styles and colors of gourds and pumpkins to choose from in October and November. My mother is the “MacGyver” of arts and crafts; making a centerpiece from two matches and dry twigs. A talent she handed down to me and my siblings. However, we are not nearly as talented as my mom. I can hold my own when it comes to creativeness for sure … but mom is the queen! Especial during fall and winter, The Great Pumpkin and the Christmas Fairy defiantly arrive in full force in all of our homes.

Some of my favorite childhood memories in the month of October was gathering around the BIG console TV and watching the seasonal iconic TV special “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” How I loved this special, which still plays on TV to this day the week of Halloween. As an adult, I still wait for this TV special every year with anticipation. Not to mention the special “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”  I wonder why these specials still mean so much to me; perhaps it represents a wholesome period which once existed on TV?  Which by the way, try to find anything on TV today to compare with these wonderful specials. In my opinion, they don’t exist. I watch every year and come away with the same warm and fuzzy feeling after having watched. I watch every year hoping to see the Great Pumpkin appear in the pumpkin patch for Charlie Brown and his little friends. Of course, he never comes, always hoping the ending might be different. I still laugh my butt off at the end listening to Sally’s diatribe towards poor Linus for wasting her time on Halloween. Classic!

Growing up as a Southern Californian kid was a fabulous experience. Halloween was another fantastic memory and time in my neighborhood. I recall being able to choose any type of Halloween costume; the weather  was so perfect we did not have to wear jackets or sweaters. What is the point of a FABULOUS costume if covered up with a heavy winter jacket! I used a pillowcase for my Halloween bag, because of course it held more candy. We must have hit 100 homes on Halloween night yelling “Tricks Or Treats!” I think we all felt so grown up. It was a big deal being allowed to go out without our parents. Of course, we always had someone’s oldest sibling with us to supervise the evening. At the end of the night we all dumped our pillowcases out on the floor to separate the bad candy from the good. I hated (and still do) the candy corn!  GAG! That was the first candy to go in the trash or get traded. Such great memories!

Sadly, the only kids I see now at my front door these days on Halloween are accompanied by an army of parents. Who can blame parents … in this crazy world. Most of my neighborhood kids go to Halloween events held by their local church or school. These events are safe and secure and the parents feel very comfortable in allowing them to attend. Now my doorbell rings less often during Halloween. I miss the voices of excited kids screaming “tricks or treats!” I wish children today could step back in time and experience the  Halloweens I had as a kid. I do believe they would enjoy it so much more.


Be A Leader … Not A Follower.

Be A Leader … Not A Follower.

Watching all the chaos around the world lately, including here in the United States; I often watch in pure amazement of the stupidity of people who have become followers instead of leaders. What happened to the days where people actually had a  mind of their own and did not go along with mob mentality? Do the various college students believe if they choose to NOT part-take on campus and elsewhere in the ant-American demonstrations they seem uncool among their so-called “peers?” Do these students and others who take part in mob mentality/violence and spew anti-American diatribes think they are among the en-lighted ones? What happened to being a leader?

At first glance, I thought perhaps ONLY the college age students were the most ignorant to our own American history and government policies. Sadly, not the case if you tune into the late-night comedian Jay Leno-“Jay Walking” segments. What is the saying “you can’t argue with stupid.” I am at a loss college students in the U.S. are not learning much or anything at all on campus, about our true American history.

Often times what the average college students hear in classroom setting is a skewed version of our history, by a particular professor with his/her own agenda. I don’t think I have met a college student today (I have worked in a university setting) that can even speak with any intelligence about the Vietnam War or Korean War.

Or aware that the U.S. was even in Vietnam for a horrific conflict. I have yet to meet a college student who knows or understands what President JFK- “Bay of Pigs” days was all about in early nineteen sixty. (No … NOT Senator Edward Kennedy-his brother President John F. Kennedy).

Digress … with the last name Kennedy, when asked to spell my last name while on the phone or in person, I say, “as in President Kennedy.” More often than not the response I get … who?” Seriously! Back on track.

The most disturbing realization to me, is the lack of knowledge college students have about WW-ll.  I dare you to ask the average student if they are aware of the “Greatest Generation.” You will hear crickets! Give them another “ding-ding” bonus round question. Do they know where Omaha Beach is located and the historic implications? This is perhaps the most upsetting subject for me as an American. Without the “Greatest Generation” Europe, United States and the rest of the world would be a far different place. So many gave their lives for OUR freedoms today. I recently cringed in horror the other day reading a post on Facebook(I’m paraphrasing) “that it was nice to see someone bow their back to the bullying and “bellicose” of Israel. An ignorant statement, which truly turned my stomach. Was this person real? I realized they liked to use fancy “words” to make an ignorant point.

Some may feel that I have no respect for the college student of today … they would be wrong. I highly respect the one’s who understand  and GET why they are now able to attend such fine institutions. Or how they are now able to own multiple Apple  iPhones-Version 5 and the newest iPAD. View on-blocked internet sites and drive fancy cars. Could today’s students handle being on war ration points?  H’m not sure Ms. Fluke could buy her condoms with war rations. I even respect students who demonstrate on campus and other locations,  for what they THINK they believe. As long as done in an orderly, peaceful non-drug-fest atmosphere. (something the 99% were not able to avoid with over 7,000 arrest to-date). If not for those who served and died during WWll the “Greatest Generation and other wars, so many luxury’s and freedoms would just a be a dream!

This post might not be popular to some and may get much praise by others. Either way, please don’t respond to this post with a long-winded paragraph about President Obama or Presidential Candidate Romney. And please for God sakes don’t respond with another old blame game session about George W. Bush. Snore-fest! I welcome a mature, intelligent dialog with any of my readers. See the greatest freedom for me about this blog … is the right to delete you!! 🙂 One-Baby Boomers View On Life.

Olympic Games, Symbol Of Peace

Olympic Games, Symbol Of Peace

This phrase, “Citius, Altius, Fortius” is the Olympic Motto.

Meaning: Faster, Higher, Stronger.

Around the world eyes are glued to television sets. Everyone cheering on their specific country and athletes who represent their homeland. I am no different; I watch the Olympic Games every 4 years in awe. The games represent many things to people all around the world. For me, the games represent the ability to live together and co-exist in peace; even if for a brief 2 week period.

Growing up the Olympic Games- especially the summer games- were a time I anticipated very much. My parents would gather the entire family around our BIG consul TV (no remote control) to watch and cheer on our United States Olympic Team. My mom preparing separate bowls of popcorn or ice-cold mugs of root beer ice cream floats for all of us. My mom would strategically place all of us kids on the floor in front of the TV(no sibling touching another) to avoid the ever so annoying game “he/she is touching me.” So excited to watch our United States Olympic Team walk out around the olympic stadium waving the flag.

I was a swimmer in high school and college, and a member of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). I used to have the fantasy goal of perhaps trying to become an Olympic Athlete in swimming. Until I realized just how much dedication it takes to compete at such a high level. Not that I was a lazy athlete about the sport I loved. I think I realized fairly young my personality is not one of extreme competitiveness. I actually prefer “team” sports and settings. In fact, prefer working as a cohesive team in my career today. I still swim almost everyday. I still get the same thrill; feeling the cold clear water on my body. My dad calls me the “mermaid.” I tend to believe unless you were an avid swimmer, that same feeling of exuberance is not shared by all.

Watching the 2012 London Games I still tear up when I see one of our athletes on the podium and the United States National Anthem starts to play. These days I am no longer sitting on my floor with my legs crossed with a bowl of popcorn or cold root beer float. yelling to my mom “he/she touched me.” Have replaced it with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio, a spoiled dog and a cat with a TUDE.

These 2012 games give me hope that perhaps we can solve our differences in the world in a peaceful way. Perhaps we should leave it up to all the athletes to solve the global issues instead of the politicians. It seems that perhaps they could just do it too!

So far, the 2012 Olympic Games have had a profound meaning to my family. It is an honor to be related (via my Grandfather Kennedy) to Gold Medal Olympian in skeet shooting, Kim Rhode. We congratulate her and are so very proud of her huge accomplishment.

Stand Or Not To Stand …That Is The Question?

Stand Or Not To Stand … That is The Question-By Kellie Kennedy- One baby Boomers View On Life.

The 4th of July is tomorrow, with this day comes childhood memories. Being a “Baby Boomer” born in 1962, I was lucky enough to experience 4th of July in Southern California. In those days, life was so much more simple as a kid when the 4th of July rolled around.

Back in the day, California had Red Devil Fireworks stands on almost every corner. As a kid, I could hardly sleep the night before the 4th of July; anticipating our family trip to the local fireworks stand. In our neighborhood all the fathers, accompanied by their hyper kids rushed to the Red Devil Fireworks stand.  The entire neighborhood joined forces combining their box of fireworks to create a huge fireworks block party.

The “Family Combo Pack” contained Black Snakes, Giant Silver Screemer, Smoke Cartridges, Sparklers, Meteoric Fountain and the infamous Giant Brilliant Cone. The Giant Brilliant Cone looked like a bad birthday party hat. All the kids in my neighborhood thought we had the most fantastic LIVE fireworks show of all times … and we did! The vision of each father slowly walking up with a pack of matches ( H’m matchbooks remember those?) to lite their “Family Combo Pack” still brings a smile to my face. All fireworks in the box were legal in those days. Without fail at least one father was able to get his hands the “HOLY GRAIL” of illegal fireworks … the CHERRY BOMB/M-80! Oh we were all so excited waiting for the end of the show, anticipating the illegal fireworks! BOOM! Every kid was running around screaming/yelling, like a child who has forgotten to take their Ritalin medication. Or perhaps indulged themselves on too many sugar sodas with 10 Pixy Stix! ( Ok, so I am dating myself with the reference to old-time candy-Pixy Stix).

When I was growing up we were entertained by old fashion block party firework shows. In addition, we had the most fantastic toys to keep our attention for hours: YO-YO’s, Slinky’s, and cans oPlay Doh. I guess times have changed or perhaps we were not very bright kids and easily amused! I hope it’s not the latter! The old fashion fireworks stands, are all but illegal these days in California. You may just find a lone fireworks stand hidden off the beaten path; in the states and counties where fireworks stands are still permitted. I guess the question I am now pondering as an adult … fireworks stands good or bad? For me, the Red Devil Fireworks stand will always represent fond childhood memories and simple times. I am not sure this generation of young kids walk away with the same thrill in the pit of their stomachs; while sitting in the local high school football stadium watching an oversized community fireworks show. H’m … that’s just this “Baby Boomers” opinion! Stand Or Not To Stand … That Is The Question? Happy 4th of July!

Kellie Kennedy … One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Fathers Are Wonderful People.

Fathers Are Wonderful People-By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View on Life.

This is a tribute to my dear father. Father’s Day is June 17th. Unfortunately,  I will be gone this year on Father’s Day. Time for a well deserved “all girls” boating trip to Lake Mojave. 

This past Christmas we celebrated the festive holiday with close friends and just a few family members who live near us. This past holiday was a double celebration; Christmas and my father’s health. On Christmas Eve I toasted my father and recited the poem “Life Lessons.” I came upon this poem recently, and I thought it was perfect for the evening. The poem described just the way I feel about my father.

I decided to share the poem with all of you. I inserted one of my most favorite photos taken of my father this past year. I love walking in their home and seeing him sitting in his office doing business.

Here’s to you dear father, Happy Father’s Day.

Fathers are wonderful people, who over the years make our Christmas more cherished and enjoyable. The festive occasion hence is a brilliant opportunity to thank our fathers. It is with their hard work and love for us that we are able to celebrate Christmas since childhood in a special way. The protection and love they provide us, in fact is perhaps the reason as to why we truly adore the Christmas spirit. They are the ones, who introduce us to the Christmas celebration and become each child’s Santa Claus. So, here is a certain poem to thank our very own Santa Claus (My Father)  on this festive occasion.

Life Lessons
You may have thought I didn’t see, 
Or that I hadn’t heard, 
Life lessons that you taught to me, 
But I got every word.

Perhaps you thought I missed it all, 
And that we’d grow apart, 
But Dad, I picked up everything, 
It’s written on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be
The (woman) I am today; 
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.

I’ve grown up with your values, 
And I’m very glad I did; 
So here’s to you, dear father, 
From your forever grateful kid.

Love you Kellie

I Love Medical Technology:Part Deux

I Love Medical Technology, Part Deux: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Definition of Part Deux: A sequel to a classic film. Usually a second film in a series, though not always. This is exactly how I have viewed my life the past couple of years. Of course, excluding Charlie Sheen, infamous for his 1993 version of “Hot Shots! Part Deux.”

I feel my life is a classic film, with a surprising final sequel. All questions finally answered for my loyal movie fans. My life has more twists and turns than famed road “Mullolland Drive” in the Hollywood Hills. Who are my loyal movie fans? My parents and friends of course.

My October 13, 2011 post,  was a small window into my August 24, 2011 heart monitor implant procedure and new medical technology available. The heart monitor I received has provided life saving information for me. The heart monitor  provided my medical team with precise information needed; I am not the proper candidate for a pacemaker. The atrial arrhythmia I am experiencing is not coming from my heart. My heart rhythms actually look very good. In fact, the belief is perhaps a neurological injury in neck or spine area is the cause of my atrial arrhythmia. The news I received that my heart is in good shape, is fantastic news; a huge sye of relief! Ok-so now what? For now, my heart monitor stays in place-in my chest- to do … its job … monitoring. It can stay implanted for two years. Onward and up-ward I say!  Next stop, neurosurgeon.

Interesting enough, I hear all the time the topic of  pain management. When pain is not properly managed, the human body will cry-out in several ways. The body reacts to pain; regardless if the pain is coming from injury or from illness. Wow, am I now facing this issue, is this my Part Deux? Well, how I see it my life  continues to be an adventurous movie, waiting for the final sequel … with all the questions finally answered and a very happy ending!

Fall Has Arrived In Desert-Book Update Time

Fall has arrived here in the desert. Book update time. It’s about time too!  Everyday soon in the mid 80’s … perfect weather! The “Snowbirds” are slowly returning to town with luggage and pets in hand, after leaving for the Summer.

How lucky am I? I am sitting here at my desk typing away on my computer, deep in thought, writing another chapter of my book. I am very fortunate to have one of the most gorgeous views  in the entire Coachella Valley right in my backyard, the Santa Rosa Mountains. So, what’s my problem? Why do I need Supergirl and Superman giving me  kudos? Is this a little mind trick I am playing to pump up my fragile ego, or just a little “push” to get me out of my writing funk? To be honest, there are days it may take a visit from Superman himself with a BIG cup of JAVA to pull me out of my slump!  Writing is a painful, exhausting, freeing,exhilarating and healing experience. I LOVE IT!

Other days I find it incredibly hard to continue to write my book. When I need inspiration, I visit my blog site and read a kind “attaboy” sent from family, friends or complete strangers.

A supportive “attaboy” on my blog, are better than GOLD to me. The simple kind words of others push me to complete each chapter. Especially on those days and late nights when I am emotionally drained. Reading my blog gives me strength to write another chapter in my book. Words are very powerful; a little encouragement from others is all one needs to continue on with a challenge. Even encouragement from Supergirl or Superman can’t hurt! Today was a good day. I am currently finishing another chapter, preparing to move on … .

The sun is setting here in my window. Fall has arrived in the desert, my book update time has come to a close.  Aaah,  perfect start to a very good evening.

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