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Remember Our Troops This Holiday Season


The Holiday Season is upon us once again. Another Christmas with our American troops still deployed in the Middle East. I wonder, will the American people ever see all our  troops home? The 2012 election year was filled with so much hate, divisiveness and political bull-crap; I thought it would never end. Every time I turned on the news it was one of the Presidential Candidates campaigning about the war in the Middle East. Each candidate promising they would be the one to bring all of our troops home by a certain deadline.

Honestly, the troops really are no closer to being home for this Holiday Season or any other in the near future. While the economic situation in our country is abysmal, I am sure our troops would rather be back in their own country during the Christmas Season sharing it with their loved ones. Regardless of our economic crisis. The chance to be with their loved ones would be a dream come true.

I do what I can to say “Thank You” and show appreciation to our troops. My donation to the USO several times a year and other giving opportunities often times feel so insignificant. I wish I could do more for these brave people who serve our country and sacrifice so much for us all. 

We all get caught up in our daily lives and tend to forget we have American troops out there fighting for our freedom and the rights of others in foreign countries. These are special human beings who are willing to sacrifice above and beyond. I often catch myself complaining about small issues and my mind immediately goes to our troops in the Middle East. Gosh, am I really complaining about a small inconvenience? This is when I stop…breathe! I take a moment to realize just how really blessed and fortunate I am in life.

We all need to give thanks and remember our troops this Holiday Season.


Christmas Chaos Expectation Overload!

Christmas Chaos Expectation Overload: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

The holidays are a time for celebrating with friends and family. Then why can it turn into “CHRISTMAS CHAOS” in a split second? Is it because are expectations greatly exceed our reality of the evening/day? We immediately go on what I call “Expectation Overload” with little to no hope of ever succeeding.

We place such unrealistic expectations on ourselves. Immediately unpleasant traits start to appear in our personalities.  All right, let me just call it what it is … “bitchy-ness!”  There is no sexism here; a man can become just as evil in the kitchen in a blink of an eye. Ever see a man go nutty over his  perfect deep-fried turkey being over cooked?  I have WOW, NOT a pretty picture! It’s common knowledge that anxiety, depression, over eating, lack of exercise and weight gain can affect us during the holiday season. So now, let’s add “bitchy-ness” to the dreaded list due to unrealistic holiday expectations we place on ourselves.

How do we NOT become a casuality of the holiday season? Keeping expectations -in check- is a great start. Letting go of being the notorious -control freak during the holiday season. Ask for help with any major task, such as the main dinner/buffet. Times have changed, both parents have full-time careers. It’s not a crime to ask guests to bring a dish to a holiday event to make it easier on the host family. The holidays should be a huge enjoyment, not something that causes stress and illness. So many people walk away from the holidays with an unpleasant experience, due to too much “Christmas Chaos.” The remedy is realistic expectations.

Contest Contribution: Xmas with Mom Contest

CHRISTMAS WITH MOM CONTEST: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Christmas in November!  Mom made sure Christmas came early for my dad and I last year. Dad was spending the entire month of December in the hospital recovery from Bladder Cancer surgery. Due to my Mom, Santa arrived early in our house last November prior to my dad leaving for the hospital. Mom made sure every inch of the house received the holiday glitter treatment with Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree was perfect and beautifully decorated; like a Macy’s tree you would find in New York City. Mom you are  one CRAZY, WONDERFUL elf!

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