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Room for Two In Heaven


On January 16th we lost our mother a short 18 months after my father. We were not expecting her to pass…as a family we were caught off guard. My mother did an admirable job of trying to continue on with her life after my dad died. Although, her heart ached for him everyday. On Monday we will say our final goodbye to our mom. Dad awaits her in heaven with loving arms. Room for two in heaven.

Stairway to Heaven…

Stairway to Heaven...

Stairway To Heaven…

It has been a little over 2 months since I lost my beloved pet and family member Abigail. I have now received her ashes back and she proudly sits on my fireplace mantel in a cedar box.

Since her passing I have good days and bad days. I miss her everyday and think of her at least once a day. I miss the routine of getting up and taking care of her doggie needs. I miss hearing her bark when the doorbell rings. I miss having her snuggling next to me in bed and hearing her start to snore. I miss her big wet kisses. I even miss her begging for my food. When having dinner at my parent’s house I catch myself before I say to my mom “save that meat for Abigail she will love it later this week for her special dinner.”

Some days I find myself tearing up just thinking about my loyal companion. On those low days the only thing that pulls me out of the funk is to know Abigail is in heaven. I know without doubt I did the right thing by putting her down. Not allowing her to suffer 1 more minute. I know she took the “Stairway to Heaven.”

While I was working through my grief of my beloved pet, I wondered if I could do the same selfless act for a family member or friend. I know many of you may not feel a pets life is in the same category as a human life. However, I feel a life is a life. Both feel pain, love and joy.

Could I make the right decision when the time came to let a loved one go? Could I release them from their pain? Euthanasia is not legal, but if it were… would I be able to honor the wishes of a loved one? I never thought I would be able to euthanize my beloved family pet. Seeing Abigail suffer was far worse then putting her down.



If euthanasia were ever to become legal, could I do the same if ever asked by a human being? It’s a haunting question and one I will probably never get the answer to in my lifetime. What I do know is keeping someone alive for selfish reasons (whether a animal or human) is not fair to those who are suffering.

I never question myself and my decision to put Abigail down. I know she is in a far better place and I will see her in the future on my Stairway to Heaven.

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