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The Gift Of Time.

The Gift of Time: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

This Christmas was supposed to be the BETTER holiday for my parents. The morning holiday ritual begins. Mom awakens far earlier than my papa these days, he now deserves to be a bit of Rip Van-Winkle. Mom makes sure the fireplace is warm and toasty; the Christmas tree lights are all lite and the coffee pot is ready. Mom plays scrabble on her Kindle Fire and waits patiently to hear papa’s slippers shuffling down the hall. The special sound of my papa’s slippers, lets her know her attention is needed and wanted by him. His cup of coffee and paper in hand and the morning slowly begins by the fire.

In exchange for the cozy morning ambiance, every holiday evening starts out with my papa lighting the fireplace for my mom. They have the lovely fireplace to enjoy-chilly desert evenings and mornings-the Christmas tree all a glow just like a Macy’s tree. Celebrating this year, papa is home with us for the holidays; after battling 1 year of  Bladder Cancer, as a family we had made it through in one piece. This was to be a joyous celebration this December.

On Monday, December 12, 2011 the holiday took an unexpected turn. I received a call from my parents to meet them at their home around the corner. My mom consumed with emotion, I knew they were coming back from my papa’s 6 months Oncology appointment. Once meeting up with my parents, I calmly sat down next to my mom. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “It’s stage 4 and it’s gone into his bones, lymph nodes of the abdomen area, they want to begin radiation and chemotherapy immediately.” Metastatic Bladder Cancer, I  could actually feel my heart breaking … what happened to our perfect holiday? Why was this happening again? The only real gift my parents wanted this holiday, was my papa home and cancer free. Now we are looking at the Gift of Time!

During the holiday season people tend to focus on what type of gifts they are giving or receiving. All consumed on how much to spend and the brand of the gift. Is the gift a Gucci or Kate Spade bag? Did the gift come from Tiffany & Company? My god … I must have a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes as a gift! Being a Cancer Survivor myself and having faced the possibility of  my mortality at an early age;  I have felt for a long time Christmas gifts should be a complete after thought. The real gift at Christmas should be … your Gift of  Healthand your Gift of Life. Now for my parents, it is the Gift of Time. There is no bigger or better gift my papa can buy my mom other than more time with her. This is the type of gift you can’t find in a box, or on a ring finger, or on a pair of feet or even parked in someone’s driveway. The Gift of Time is priceless.

Without missing a beat, my papa made clear their Christmas Eve celebration will remain the same. My parents will be celebrating with dear friends in their home this Christmas Eve.  Celebrating the Gift of Health, Gift of Life and Gift of  Time!

Thankful for Good Old-Fashioned Funny

Good Ol Fashioned Funny: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching this month, I decided to give real thought this Holiday Season to what I was truly thankful for in my life. I definitely believe this year, of all years, I bring more  insight to the table. Gosh, a tad more clever than the typical cliché line, “I’m so thankful for.”

Then it hit me this past weekend,while celebrating my parents 55th Wedding Anniversary.  I am thankful  for good Old-Fashioned Funny!  While sitting next to my parents at The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies; I noticed my parents had not stopped laughing or smiling for 3 solid hours.

Laughter is the best medicine, laughter is healing. It was JUST what the doctor ordered!

The follies are an elaborate theatrical revue consisting of music, dance and skits. The follies provided the perfect outlet needed for my family that day. Old-Fashioned Funny comes in various forms, even down to the cartoons being played on the big screen prior to the follies. There is nothing better than Bugs Bunny and his pals to bring a HUGE smile to an adults face. It’s the perfect Old-Fashioned Funny! There are many acts in the follies my parents enjoyed, the show took them back in time -if only for 3 hours- to a more “simple” time.

My family suffered through a very tough and painful year, due to my father being ill with his Bladder Cancer surgery. He is now on a remarkable journey of healing and doing exceptionally well. My father has handled himself with pride and dignity. I can say with complete certainty, “there is nobody like my father.” My Mom and I began this journey with my Father one year ago, wow seems longer. This weekend we finally looked at each other and said “we made it.”

I began this blog post hoping to have more insight this Thanksgiving Holiday. This I do know, I am truly thankful for my parents. They have given up many things in their lives over several years, to aid other people. Never asking anything in return, except respect. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to share in my parents lives as they grow older. I truly am thankful to wake up every morning, able to share in great conversation, laughter and in some tears with my parents.

This past weekend, I was thankful to share with my parents a day of Old-Fashioned Funny. I hope to have many more days like last weekend … FUNNY is very healing!

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