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Does Heaven Have An Address?


With this Wednesday, September 5th, comes my dad’s third Bladder Cancer surgery. The most recent and unfortunate news that his cancer metastasized further, felt like a bullet to the heart. We (as a family) have done everything humanly possible to try to stop the spread of this destructive illness.

Sitting in my parent’s house discussing the next plan of attack to destroy the cancer; my father with a calm voice looked over at us and uttered these profound words “Does heaven have an address and if not … how do you get there?” My mother and I let out a small nervous chuckle. Without missing a beat my mother responded. “Well, when it is your time to go to heaven you will feel it and you will know it’s time. You will not be asked to go to heaven until you have completed your journey in life.” Dad laid back in his comfy chair; perhaps to contemplate if his journey in life was complete.

After leaving my parent’s house that evening, I spent the rest of the week trying to figure out just how I felt about the journey to heaven. I do believe that your soul goes to a much kinder place after death. But do I know it’s a place called heaven? I was raised Catholic as a child and I still attend Catholic mass today; but now on my terms. I have always been more spiritual than religious. I often think I could easily practice Buddhism. Approximately 300 million people practice Buddhism; which makes it the fourth largest of the world’s religions. I truly believe in Karma, the law that every cause has an effect, i.e., our actions have results.

However, attending Catholic mass with all its pomp and circumstance, brings me back to my childhood. A time and place where I felt safe. I sometimes worry because I do tend to lean more spiritual than religious, I might be shown the long, wet and windy road to the afterlife. Gosh I hope not … I might just stick a pair of galoshes and some Dramamine in my afterlife luggage!

With my dad’s operation looming this week, I will be searching for my true faith. Whether I pray to God or meditate (meditation a yoga practice I dearly love) and call on Buddha for enlightenment … I will be searching. Does Heaven Have An Address?


Namaste That!

NAMASTE THAT: By Kellie Kennedy-One Baby Boomers View On Life.

Namaste That!  What do I mean? 

The literal translation of  Namaste or “Namastay” means “I bow to you.” It can also be used as a greeting “good day” or “to be well.” A way of greeting used by many Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist as a form of reverence to those they greet. Namaste is a non-contact form of respectful greeting and used universally while meeting a person of different gender, age or social status.

As a Yoga student, I found the use of the word “Namaste” completely healing. I look forward to the time in yoga, when we greet the teacher and other students with a heart-felt “Namaste” before and after yoga practice. I wish it was a word used more often here in the United States, as freely as we use the words  “Thank you.” As much as I adore my English language, in my opinion there is something  so magical about hearing and saying the word “Namaste” to another human being. The word is always said to another with such a softness in one’s voice; almost in whisper.

What could be better, than to visit your local coffee-house and hear the Barista say, “Namaste” as he/she pleasantly slides your Venti-Decaf-Soy-Latte-NO Whip across the counter!  Adds a little something to the experience , don’t ya think? Ok,  so I am adding a little humor to make my point. We live in such a rude, rushed society at the moment. Often times the Barista behind the  counter can’t muster enough energy to grunt at a customer to ask, “what’s your name for the order?” You get where I am going … right? If  a coffee-house isn’t your thing, how about this.  What about a “Namaste” from your medical receptionist, as you anxiously wait for a doctor’s appointment? What a calm greeting that would be …for once. What about a kind “Namaste” from the local sales person at the department store, as you wait to exchange your item? Ok, so it looked good in the dressing room mirror -then-not- now! Whatever … can I get a “Namaste!”

I get frustrated, irritated on certain days. On those few days, I want to wear a  BIG sandwiched board saying, “NAMASTE That!”

My point, I would love to see human beings embrace the word “Namaste” more often. I believe the word can help you live a healthier and happy life. NAMASTE THAT!

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