Thinking of you today…

We love you and miss you.

We love you and miss you.

2 years…Seems Like Yesterday


Next Sunday July 5th will be the second anniversary of my father’s death. Having lost my mother only 6 months ago, makes it even more difficult this year. Just when I thought I had mended my heart over dad….mom passes away.

Everywhere I go in town brings up memories of my parents. Favorite restaurants and frequently visited stores, all make me think of them. Driving past their home around the corner gets me thinking of all the good times we had in the swimming pool. BBQing poolside and too many cocktails on the patio with friends and family to recall. As well as the final days of dad’s life. I wonder what mom and dad are doing up in heaven? I think about it everyday. Do they watch me? Can they see the direction of my life? I hope….

Tattoos Misunderstood Art Form

I wanted to honor the memory of my parents in a very different way. Something out of the box for me and out of my comfort zone. Something other than the same “beige” idea. These past months, I have been able to come to understand myself better.  I need much more than “beige” in my life to inspire me.

I received my first tattoo ever yesterday. The Irish four leaf clover representing, Faith-Hope-Love-Luck along with the words Mom and Dad.

Walking into the tattoo shop, I had my own preconceived ideas of the tattoo artists. I left with a very different mind-set. Tattoo artists are very talented artists. I sat there looking through the different books amazed at some of the artistry.

Most of all, I was amazed at how nice all the artists were in the shop. While walking into the shop, the first artist I noticed was a guy who had his entire face “tatted”. Now that I’ve got the lingo down. My first thought was-oh my, what did I get myself into here.

While talking with the tattoo artist (while his past was very colorful) he was bright, articulate , personable and very kind. I’m sure it’s not the first time he’s received the same type of “judgement”.

Tattoos are very misunderstood. I understand now that tattoos are a way to express emotion, which perhaps can’t be verbalized.

The entire experience taught me a very good lesson. I was able to walk out with the tattoo I wanted to honor the memory of my parents. In addition, learned a lesson on pre-judgement.


Last photos….memories for life

We were very lucky as a family to be able to share Christmas 2015 with my mother and our immediate family members. Little did we know it would be our last; we would have mom’s funeral 30 days later. We cherish the last family photos taken the night of Christmas Eve with my mother. 

Tribute to you Mother

Room for Two In Heaven


On January 16th we lost our mother a short 18 months after my father. We were not expecting her to pass…as a family we were caught off guard. My mother did an admirable job of trying to continue on with her life after my dad died. Although, her heart ached for him everyday. On Monday we will say our final goodbye to our mom. Dad awaits her in heaven with loving arms. Room for two in heaven.

Merry Chistmas Dear Papa…Love You!


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